A List Of Great Homework Ideas For 8th Grade Students

Although there has been some level of controversy surrounding the issue of homework, a lot of parents would tell you that coming home with assignments has helped their children improve significantly in their academics. When students are given assignments to take home, it helps them to refresh their minds on what was taught in class for that day or week. Even though these assignments are sometimes tedious, pupils can also have a lot of fun tackling the questions or problems contained in their take-home academic works.

For teachers, it can be a lot of work generating questions for homework. This is especially because there are lots of factors attached to these assignments. In handing out questions or problems that should be tackled at home by the students, such assignments should promote presentation skills, research skills, emotional intelligence, thinking capabilities and more so, help a student develop positive attitudes to handling tasks, both academic and otherwise. Listed here are some ideas for creating assignments for the 8th graders. They are as follows:

  • Language and Arts: The tasks that will form the homework under this category should be geared towards helping the participants learn how to do the following:

    1. Listen attentively
    2. Work as a team
    3. Build stable organizational skills
    4. Be self-confident
    5. Talk with boldness

  • Mathematics: The activities or tasks for students to take home under this category include the following:

    1. Conversion of clocks (analogue and digital)
    2. Weight conversions (differentiating kilograms and grams)
    3. Understanding how different objects are weighed
    4. Measuring lengths and the different measuring units (kilometres, centimetres, etc)
    5. Playing shops in order to understand addition and subtraction better
    6. Proper placement of decimals
    7. Drawing symmetries

  • Sciences: With the continually evolving world of science, it is increasingly becoming a necessity for teachers to up their games as far as homework on sciences is concerned. Teachers can come up with assignment ideas on the following areas:

    1. Space exploration
    2. Deep sea explorations
    3. Robotics
    4. Computing etc

These are some of the areas where great assignment ideas can come from. The most important thing is getting the students excited and ready to explore on topics they are yet to have full grasp on. When children in elementary schools are given little hints about the world around them through insightful assignments, it builds up the desire to learn more when they finally get into high school. On this note, the assigned homework problems should foster that much needed desire to learn more, ask questions and most importantly, make findings.