How To Deal With Harmful Effects Of Homework

Whether homework is bad for kids has been a debatable issue for quite a long time. Parents keep complaining about how their kids’ lives have been ruined owing to dreaded home assignments taking a sizeable chunk of time during the evenings, a little more on weekends and vacations carry no meaning. But life sans homework could actually spoil kids’ urges to excel, as per a number of academicians.

How much is too much?

As per the National Education Association, it is recommended that kids should devote not more than 10 minutes per grade level of homework every night. Beyond that is excess. Certainly, it makes more sense to delve into 5 problems rather than rushing through 50.

What are the pitfalls of excessive homework?

Instead of creating a constructive learning process, the act of studying is reduced to a chore activity. Added to that is the burden of homework that causes most kids tos report anxiety when it comes to functioning in their day to day activities. As a result, family life has gone for a toss and interaction with peers is bare minimum.

How to deal with the surging issue?

Tackling this issue requires collaborative effort. Here’s taking a look at few positive measures:

Firstly, parents must be aware of their child’s capacities and work towards finding a perfect balance between the home tasks, extracurricular activities and other personal pursuits. They constitute the foremost people who must identify with the child’s skills and ways to nurture further.

Secondly, educators must know how home assignments wreak havoc in the mental development of children. Instead of assigning a number of home tasks, the focus should be on encouraging kids to develop their talents. No wonder, playschools are preferred by many prior to actual schooling.

Children find the entire concept of homework as ‘mindless’ if they are not involved with few co-curricular activities. The real essence of studying can only be discovered if combined with tasks that they enjoy, like singing, drawing, dancing, elocution and drama and sports activities.

Social skill building is another vital aspect that requires fostering. That doesn’t mean staying hooked to social media as most would equate that with socializing! Squeezing time from the erratic schedule and developing on people skills is another great way to manage the load of homework. Get immediate help from this website on how that can be done.