The History Of Homework: Interesting Facts That Might Surprise You

Writing assignments for you, school can be a hectic task because you have to deal with more than a few subjects. Often you receive assignments about subject areas that are entirely new for you and you cannot concentrate on them due to lack of interest. The best solution to attempt your academic papers on your own is to develop an interest in the subject. You can do this by watching relevant movies, reading books and novels, discussing with your elders, and knowing more about the specific event being discussed. When you have an interest in the subject, it is easier for you to concentrate and complete the assignments on time.

Students often argue and ask why these assignments exist and what is the point of having homework in the first place. To be able to find the right answer to your questions you should check out this company as they can help you easily. Knowing some interesting facts about the history of home assignments might be helpful for students

Here are some facts in the history of home assignments

  1. In the middle of 19th century majority of students only continued until sixth grade and left schooling after that. The home assignments in high school were demanding
  2. In the beginning of 19th century, awareness campaigns were started against home assignments. They also included comments from parents and doctors on how it is harmful for students
  3. A lot of schools in different states of America passed rules against homework in early 19th century
  4. In 1901 according to California legislation, home assignments in grades from kindergarten to 8th were banned and the amount was reduced for high schools
  5. In 1948 the average student spent 3-4 hours on home assignments in one week
  6. In 1960’s a major shift was observed in the attitude towards home assignments and an influence was made to make them more interesting and personalized
  7. In 1957 after the War, Americans were largely concerned that Russian students are excelled and advanced than Americans so more emphasis was laid on pro home assignments
  8. In the past decade, the amount of home assignments given to students has increased in a drastic rate by about 40% for elementary and primary schools. This disturbs the parents but a general debate is in consensus of having home assignments