Free Calculus Homework Solutions: 5 Places To Check


If your heart skips a beat whenever you hear the word “ Calculus," you're not alone. Almost every second student in the world suffers from a mini-heart attack just because they are given calculus homework to complete and show to the next class. However, the difficult part is actual to complete that homework because chances are pretty high that you were daydreaming in your calculus class, and now you're dumbfounded. Thankfully, you've just come to the right places because in this article I will be telling you about the five websites that will aid you in your calculus homework and clear your concepts so that it may be useful (maybe not) to you in the future.

Khan Academy:

Is a popular online educating site run by the renowned educator Salman Khan. The website has short videos of around 15 minutes that include various sets of calculus like integral calculus, business calculus, etc.

MIT Online Lectures:

What better way than to actually learn from the best teachers and the best minds on the planet who form an integral part of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT records the lectures and puts them up on their site which can be accessed by MIT students as well as NORMAL students.

Paul Dawkins Interactive Website:

This is less a website but more like an interactive textbook. It features a huge collection of examples and solution and a thorough pre-calculus and algebra sections to clear your concepts and improve your basics so that you won’t have any problems further.

Hudson University:

You can also get help with your calculus homework for visiting the website of University of Hudson’s Mathematics Department. They upload videos that can be downloaded and guide in your problem solving.

Online Teaching Forums:

If all fails, the last place where you can get guaranteed help are the online educational forums that offer solutions on a variety of subjects, including maths and calculus. These forums have highly skilled teacher and professor who will help you in solving your confusions.


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