Handling Spelling Homework With Ease: 5 Useful Strategies

Learning spelling is not always easy. Same letters create different sounds in different words. Then there are homophones to take care of. However, if you can introduce the recreational and creative elements, learning process becomes easier. Here are 5 best ways to handle the spelling tasks.

  1. Play a spelling game
  2. If the task is fun, the kid will be more interested in doing it. Also, associating the words with a game or playful activity will increase their recall value. For example, you could ask your child to write an English word and trace it with numerous colors. The result will be a colorful word which will have a more lasting effect on the mind of the kid. If you are doing the homework on your own you can still use this technique.

  3. Tie the word to a story
  4. A stand-alone word does not stay in the mind for long. However, when it is tied to an event or a story its retention value increases. Let’s take the word ‘sheath.’ It could be used like this: “The king will sheath his sword when there is no danger. Upon the sight of the enemy he will take it out.” The sentence should be able to create a visual imagery. If you are able to associate it with a sequence of actions you will be able to remember the word and the spelling better.

  5. Use the dictionary
  6. Get yourself into the habit of looking up the dictionary every time you encounter an unfamiliar word. Even while doing the homework look through the dictionary for the meaning. You could also use the digital dictionary for this purpose. You can use the online dictionary or the one you have installed on your computer.

  7. Play scrabble while completing the spelling tasks
  8. Scrabble is one of the best ways to enhance your vocabulary and spelling. It could be a great deal of enjoyment too. Put all the words on the scrabble game that you are going to use to complete the task. Once you are done with all the words, find out which words give you most of the points. So, you would know the worth or each word. Also, it will help you remember the words better.

  9. Split the words into syllables
  10. Not only do you need to remember the word for future use, you also need to make sure you pronounce it correctly. Syllables play an important role in forming the sentence and also giving them the sound. Break down the words into syllables and try to vocalize them slowly. You will be able to learn the words and pronunciation more effectively this way.