Top 40 Black History Homework Ideas Worth Discussing

Black history is an interesting topic to discuss. Unfortunately, not all students can come up with good homework questions that are worth discussing during the classes. If you have problems with homework ideas on black history, you should look at the list of great suggestions below.

  1. Newspapers created by African-Americans.
  2. The role of African-American soldiers during the American Revolution.
  3. Soldiers with African-American origins and their role in the Civil War.
  4. Famous African-American aviators.
  5. The history of buffalo soldiers.
  6. The formation of African-American identity due to slavery.
  7. The Camp Logan riots.
  8. The biography of Clennon Washington King, Jr.
  9. The aeronautical school of Cornelius Robinson Coffey.
  10. The biography of Crispus Attucks.
  11. Domestic labor strikes.
  12. The first Baptist church of African Americans.
  13. The siege of Fort Mose.
  14. Freedom’s Journal and its creators.
  15. African-American gospel music.
  16. The heritage of the Gullah.
  17. The 369th Infantry regiment, aka the Harlem Hellfighters.
  18. The Harlem Renaissance movement.
  19. The biography of Harriet Tubman.
  20. Historical African-American colleges.
  21. The role of African Americans in rock-and-roll.
  22. African-American inventors and their inventions.
  23. The biography of John Brown.
  24. The role of Manumission in the times of slavery.
  25. The settlements of Maroons.
  26. Motown Records and its creators.
  27. Africans as members of pirate crews.
  28. The biography of Nat Turner.
  29. The legacy of Otelia Cromwell.
  30. The biography of Ralph Waldo Tyler.
  31. Registers of free people of color.
  32. Antebellum America: secret schools.
  33. The followers of Sherman’s March.
  34. Narratives of slaves.
  35. The biography of Susie King Taylor.
  36. The Amistad slave rebellion.
  37. The Haitian revolution.
  38. Facts about Tuskegee Airmen.
  39. Transatlantic modernism and African-American artists.
  40. African-American literature and its icons.

Now that you’ve seen a list of good topics on black history, you can choose one for discussing. However, to get a high score on your assignment, you should research the chosen topic very thoroughly. That way you’ll be able to raise interesting and persuasive arguments during the discussion.

You may consult your teacher about where you can find books and other sources with decent and relevant information for your assignment. It’s also advisable to use online resources. You might find plenty of interesting and useful articles on the Internet.

With a thoroughly researched and well-prepared assignment, you’ll be able to impress your teacher and get an excellent grade for your work.