Five Interesting Reading Homework Ideas You Should Try

Whilst most homework will require you to write an essay or answer various questions, you may well have been asked to read something instead. If this is the case, then the following five interesting ideas may be suggestions that you would like to try.

  1. Read a book by an author whose work you have not read before
  2. If you tend to only read books that have been written by familiar authors, then you may find it interesting to expand your ideas, by reading the work of authors you wouldn’t normally choose. In fact, you may well find that, having read the work of a different author, they become your new favourite writer.

  3. Try reading a book from a genre you wouldn’t normally choose
  4. As well as trying the work of different authors, it can be interesting to explore genres that you might not typically choose to read about. For example, if you normally read romance novels then you may wish to consider reading thrillers or horrors instead. Sometimes, people can be put off by the idea of certain genres, despite not actually having given them a go, and can really enjoy these genres once they start reading books from them.

  5. Note down any interesting themes whilst reading
  6. It can be good idea to note down any interesting themes that you find running through the books that you are reading. This is particularly useful if you think you may have to write an essay later on about any books that you have read.

  7. Note down in any similarities you notice compared with similar books or work by the same author
  8. As well as noting any themes from individual books that you are reading, you may also wish to draw various comparisons with other books. Again, it can be particularly useful to have various notes if you later need to write an essay.

  9. Read the same book as a friend and discuss it with them afterwards
  10. Another great idea is to pick a book to read with a friend. If you both try and read at the same pace, then you can discuss it whilst you are reading it or, alternatively, you can have a discussion once you have both finished reading the book. You might find interesting to see the different ways in which you interpret the things that you read.